NCDA Members Benefits

  • Membership of the Association is one of the criteria listed in a 2019 Government Tender document.
  • Representation by a single trade association
  • Full use of the NCDA logo
  • Government lobbying
  • Recognised code of conduct
  • Recognition of achievement from the NCDA annual awards
  • Website listing with courier search - 12,000 visits
  • Member trading and support
  • Courier Exchange - closed NCDA group 
  • National contracts & tendering service
  • Social media, marketing and PR opportunities
  • Discounted goods and services
  • Free Credit check service
  • Networking at member events
  • Represented at trade exhibitions
  • Association newsletter
  • Unlimited access to qualified specialists for HR, employment law, health & safety, legal, tax and VAT advice
  • Access to over 700 downloadable documents covering employment law, human resource, health & safety, legal, tax and VAT

Member Criteria Guidance

  • Run the business from a commercial, not a residential address.  
  • Have a full website – offering a contact page, references and fleet details as a minimum. 
  • Trading for at least 1 year.
  • Turnover of £100K minimum.
  • Have a good credit rating (based on Creditsafe credit check - a rating of C or above)
  • Run at least 2 sign written/branded good condition vehicles.
  • Have full GIT Insurance.  A copy of this can be requested at any time. 
Membership Subscription PlansAnnual Fee
Corporate Membership 1 - (Firms with £100k to £250k turnover)£ 150.00 Plus VAT
Corporate Membership 2 - (Firms with £250k to £400k turnover)£ 250.00 Plus VAT
Corporate Membership 3 - (Firms with £400k to £500k turnover)£ 350.00 Plus VAT
Corporate Membership 4 - (Firms with over £500k turnover)£ 400.00 Plus VAT

Membership Application

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